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Libraries In Progress: To Be In Accordance With The Demands of The Generations of the 21st century.

Will libraries survive as hybrid tech centers?

"A library is central to our understanding of what it is to be human."

Traditional and modern services of high quality and excellently qualified librarians 'embedded' in the citadel of knowledge - that is a good library.
The libraries of our postmodern age need open and flexible boundaries in order to quickly react to the demands of an ever-changing environment.

Some fear that the vast and invisible (lack of brick and concrete) library made by Google could destroy traditional libraries. Are the days of the library as a cultural and social organism over? Hopefully not.

Though the class of biblio-techs — media-savvy people who consider some traditional library services as antiquated - is enlarging, but technology has continued to drive in-person visits, circulation and usage.

Libraries will not be displaced by modern technology such as Google, for instance. Quite the contrary, Google-like experiences provided in these cultural institutions extend the circles of services available for readers. The apps of state-of-the-art technology contribute to meet the requirements of the "net generations".
Libraries have a good track record of syncing up with past technological advances and modern facilities by making the use of technological potential.

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There are practical, psychological and, ultimately, spiritual reasons for reading paper books. Browsing a book online is one thing, reading it is quite another; there is no aesthetic substitute for the physical object (books and magazines).

In addition, the special atmosphere of the library is what gives the enticement to readers.

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