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Creative writing with János Lackfi in the Central Library

Ez egy archív cikk, a benne szereplő információk a megjelenés idején
pontosak voltak, de mára elavultak lehetnek.

Creative writing with János Lackfi, the appreciated poet and writer, who regards library as a basic institution of Hungarian cultural life.

Increase and make use of your creativity,
Participate in a literature related activity.

Special literary workshop to get acquainted with the process of creation
Besides getting to know János Lackfi, participant students can acquire the essential knowledge of creative writing – and something more: they have the opportunity to try themselves in this type of writing.
The program covered two occasions in December 2014 and the series was continued in January. Later on, the author visited the library again...
The programs had a quite positive feedback by the students (and teachers who were informed by the participants); everyone was looking forward to the events that were held in the Central Library in spring, 2015; hopefully, János Lackfi is going to hold more lectures in our library network.

You were / are guided in the fantastic world of writing by the famous author discussing the following questions:
When do we have to keep a tight hold on our imagination and when to give free rein to it?
How can ordinary words become words having literary meanings?

What makes a character, a dialogue or a scene authentic?
How much should a work be plain and outspoken?

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