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Welcome to the library of the capital!

A guided tour in the Central Library to get a picture of the building from a historical point of view and the view of history of art.

Dear Readers,
On the second Saturday of each month, visitors can take part in an informative group tour, that is a guided tour by librarians in Hungarian.

The Wenckheim Palace serves as the home for the library of the capital; it has been providing useful services to readers for more than 80 years.
It takes part in both national and international research works and serves as a national resource library in sociology.

The building complex awarded with some architectural prizes is the unique example of the harmony of the old and new.

First date:
14 March, 2015

The history of the library

A few words about the palace

Next date: 13 June, 2015

The tour on 18 April will be a unique of its kind because as part of the program series in the jubilee year of the project called Budapest 100, an extraordinary two-day event will be held this weekend. 60 buildings will be open for ordinary visitors during the Budapest100 weekend on 18-19 April.
Some of them open their doors for the second or third time, other buildings open up for the very first time.

The purpose is „obvious”: to provide information about Budapest then and now, about the houses themselves, about the institutions developed in the buildings and people living and/or working in them.

Though the Wenckheim Palace was built 128 years ago and the Central Library opened its gates in the palace 84 years ago, visitors can get an extensive picture of this part of Budapest of the age (as well as about cultural life of those days).