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FSZEKEU - Useful content elements concerning the European Union

Dear Readers,

We have already made the greatest link collection of Hungary available for our library users. It is a communal collection of links; in this online environment you can get a view on other link collections of other institutions or persons. So, you can get exchange information; moreover we can enlarge our collection of links with new links used by others and vica versa. That's why it is communal, available for the public.

From now, content elements can be searched by the service of Google Co-op.
It is a 'personalized search engine'.
You should type the abstract(s) you want to search in the search box. Basically, you can search in FSZEKEU. If the quantity of the hits are not sufficient, you can search world-wide on the web.

The great advance of FSZEKEU is that abstracts can be searched in the connection of the EU, narrowing the required hits.
Moreover, all the information on the pages of the links are reliable, as they are checked. You can search materials regarding legal subject (Acts, bills, etc.), official documents, news etc.

It is gradually developed and enlarged.