Give blood and save 3 lives!

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2015-04-11 20:00:03

Blood donation in the library

Give blood and save 3 lives!

Dear Readers,

Blood giving programmes are organized by local staff of Hungarian Red Cross in two branches of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library.

Library of Üllői út - 5th March

Library of Pestlőrinc (Lőrinci Library) - 24th March

It is a series for volunteers to help, to support the movement of blood donation not only with money but blood, first of all.
Besides the traditional ways of recruiting, like leaflets, posters, the venues of recruitment such as workplaces and other institutions have recently been complemented by targeting various leisure time events for both youngsters and the general public - all of us are responsible for life and health.

Before donation, you are examined by a doctor who decides whether you are healthy enough to give blood or not.

Hungarian Red Cross

European Blood Alliance - Hungary