Spotlight on the mystery of being a literary man
Some secrets from authors in the library

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2017-08-07 14:05:18

Where and how is literature created?

A unique discussion on the birth of literary works in the Central Library:
  • the process of creation,

  • the role of inspiration

  • and the complex issue how men of literature become authors by learning and training

  • Are there natural born poets and writers?
    Workshop secrets, or rather secrets of the profession were highlighted by 3 appreciated authors:

    the poet and writer Krisztina Tóth who is one of the most highly acclaimed Hungarian authors;

    János Lackfi who is the main organizer of the programme series Creative writing...

    Anna Szabó T., appreciated poet, who is the wife of the novelist György Dragomán. She participated in the interactive discussion Conjugate literary magic in the library -- Welcome to the magical world of belles-lettres. That was the programme of the popular series called Literature in family circle.