Fairies on the wing, birds on the wing

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2015-05-19 17:34:51

Welcome to the exciting world of fairies and elves, orioles and other birds – good and bad story characters, beautiful birds with great ability to sing

Dear Readers,
You are kindly invited to take part in an interactive program organized for children -- birds, stories and bird related stories.

Venue: Library of Üllői út
15 May, 2015

You can hear and speak about real and fictitious beings and the great issue of the protection of birds.
Some of the themes (questions):
  • Can owls see in the daytime?

  • Why did people fear of little owls centuries ago?

  • Why is the feather of goldfinch colorful?

  • Júlia Lovranits is a writer; she is also a biologist who has been a birdwatcher since she was a child. She knows almost everything about birds.
    She is a member of BirdLife Hungary, and a volunteer at a hospital for wild birds in her spare time.
    She has always loved stories and tales; as a talented storyteller, she consciously collects stories wherever she goes.
    Since she is an expert on birds, she specializes in bird tales, legends and myths and combines them with interesting and useful pieces of information.

    Let’s see an example – a Bulgarian folktale about storks.
    She wove the tale of their long migration from Europe and Africa, and even the stories of real storks who were somehow strange or amazing. There was one, for instance, that came home from Africa with a spear in its body, and raised its nestlings and lived on. Another one came to Hungary from Spain and since then he has not migrated at all.