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2021-02-22 15:24:17

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22 February 2021: An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Illustration: Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library <br> Source:
Illustration: Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library
This week a young adult novel is chosen as Book of the Week.

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

John Green is an American author, born in 1977 in Indiana. You may have heard about him in relation to Paper Towns, his most famous book, or the YouTube channel Crash Course, where he makes educational videos about topics such as history, politics, or astronomy. But what makes him one of my favorite writers is his style of writing and that even though it is fictional, it has a logical component besides the love and adventure. Despite Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars are the only ones, which got adapted into films, my personal favorite is An Abundance of Katherines. The protagonist is Colin Singleton, a child prodigy, who is desperately afraid of not becoming exceptional. But just as the novel starts, he gets dumped by his 19th girlfriend. His 19th girlfriend names Katherine, just as the previous 18.
Follow Colin's journey of figuring out the equation of being dumped (for which Green actually worked together with a mathematician), finding his 20th girlfriend, and realizing what it really means to be exceptional.

(Bernadett Szigeti)

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