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Heti angol nyelvű könyvajánló – 2020. november 27.

Illusztráció: FSZEK<br>Forrás: Pixabay
Illusztráció: FSZEK
Forrás: Pixabay
This week a young adult novel is chosen as Book of the Week.

Magda Szabó

Magda Szabó’s Abigail has become one of the most popular books in Hungary; it was originally published in 1970, and translated into English by Len Rix only in 2020. The Hungarian bestseller has been shortlisted for the 2020 Warwick Prize for Women in Translation.
The real specialty of the novel, which is considered to be a book for girls, is shown by the fact that even teenage boys like to read it.
The story is written from a teenager Hungarian girl’s point of view. She is called Gina, who was parented and educated broad-mindedly, but was sent into a rigid Calvinistic boarding-school to be hidden away from the danger of the Second World War and its Hungarian consequences. She spent her time with many other girls, and teachers with different backgrounds and thinking that gave rise to countless personal conflicts but Gina and the other girls were able to manage them successfully. The identity of the mysterious Abigail will become clear only at the very end of the story; who is hiding behind the figure of the statue in the school garden, helping the needy and the desperate, tender and kind when it comes to student pranks, but can also become a hero when lives are to be saved.

The success of the famous and beloved novel resulted in a TV miniseries and the book has been adapted for a stage as a musical as well.

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